What is STAMP? Our Mission, Vision & Values


Cork is a city of remarkable creativity. The artistic vision and expression of skilled people who are passionate about their chosen craft provides the backbone of the identity of the local creative community and a pivotal asset in  making Cork a great place to live in and to visit.

STAMP is a brand new clustering arrangement between four Cork-based art, design and craft organisations - benchspace, Cork Craft & Design, Sample Studios and Shandon Art Studios - brought together under a shared brand identity by Cork City Council via the Cult-CreaTE European project on cultural and creative tourism.


STAMP represents a collective ambition to effect positive change by empowering artists, makers and creators to claim their rightful place and truly make their mark on Cork’s future.


STAMP, and the shared purpose it mobilises among different organisations, will both support and showcase the value – generally and in economic terms – of creative thinking and artistic inspiration in helping to shape a vibrant and attractive city for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.


STAMP is about:

  • Using collaboration to further the power and influence of creativity.
  • Igniting a passion for creativity in the hearts of local people.
  • Enabling opportunities for creativity to fully contribute to the city and to society.
  • Collectively making Cork ever more attractive and welcoming as a base for creatives to successfully pursue and share their talents.

The STAMP brand goes public for the first time in mid-May 2022 with the delivery of a joint festival across a host of city centre locations offering a real taste of Cork’s creative offering in action

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