From Cork City Council's Local Enterprise Office to Cork BIC there a wide variety of programmes and initatives available to help small businesses and entrepreneur grow and develop.


Cork City Council's Local Enterprise Office

Local Enterprise Office: Cork City Council's Local Enterprise Office is a one stop shop for small businesses whos purpose is to help maximise the employment potential of small businesses in the region. 

The Local Enterprise Office runs various online training and mentoring courses which aim to equip small businesses with the necessary skills and information to reach their full potential.

The Local Enterprise Office also provides a wide range of financial supports and grants for start-ups and small businesses which are specifically tailored to help business start-ups in Cork City face the financial challenges in the early years of business.

University College Cork's Ignite Incubator Programme

University College Cork's IGNITE Programme: UCC's Ignite programme is a comprehensive incubation programme for founders working full-time on their start-up. It includes essential workshops, mentoring, funding and workspace. START-UP LAB is a short evening programme for aspiring founders who want to explore a start-up idea. IDEAS FOR IMPACT is a one day event for anyone seeking a new start-up idea. Ignite also provides one to one advice START-UP CLINICS to answer specific questions from anyone interested in start-ups.

Enterprise Ireland's New Frontiers

Enterprise Ireland's New Frontiers: New Frontiers helps early-stage entrepreneurs to take the leap, offering a supportive yet challenging environment to help develop your business idea. Delivered on behalf of Enterprise Ireland by the Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities, New Frontiers offers a combination of practical and interactive workshops, personalised mentorship, co-working space, and funding. Enterprise Ireland help you reduce risk and dramatically increase your chances of success

Cork BIC

Cork BIC: Cork BIC is a private-sector led organisation, specifically set up to identify and build knowledge-intensive companies based on promising technology and capable innovative people. It plays a hands-on role in helping entrepreneurs navigate the minefield of raising finance, sorting out business propositions, arranging agreements with shareholders and investors, and, perhaps most important of all, finding customers. It runs the Entrepreneur Experience weekend programme.