Parking Services Boundary FAQs

Will there be any change to the parking arrangements in the transfer area after May 31st 2019?

The current parking arrangements in the transfer area will remain unchanged.

I hold a valid Cork County Council resident’s parking permit in Douglas/Ballincollig – will it still be valid after 31st May? 

Any residents parking permits issued by Cork County Council will remain in force until the expiry date of the permit. Just before the expiry date of the current permit, application should be made to Cork City Council for a new permit.

What documents do I need to submit to apply for a Cork City Council residents parking permit after May 31?  How much does it cost?

An application form and details of the documents to be provided are available on

The documents required by Cork City Council include:

  • Completed application form
  • Payment of appropriate fee, €20 per annum.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Vehicle Licence Cert/ Registration Book
  • Utility Bill or Financial statement

Will Cork City’s paid parking zone be extended to my area after May 31?  Will I need to apply for a parking permit now?

At this time Cork City Council has no plans to extend the parking zone beyond the areas it currently exists in. Therefore if you do not currently need a residents parking permit, there is no need to apply for a permit.

I received a parking fine in Ballincollig on 31st May – how do I pay?  Who do I pay?

Any parking fines issued on or after 31st May 2019 are payable to Cork City Council. Payment methods are outlined on the fixed penalty notice.

Will there still be clamping in the transfer areas after May 31?

Cork City Council does not clamp vehicles in the city or in the transfer area.