O' Reillys


A O’Reilly continue to serve traditional Tripe and Drisheen to the people of Cork. Call ahead to place your order on 021 427 0925 and collect, or one of the team will kindly drop it out to your car.

John O’Reilly and his brother Maurice started the business in the early 1900s. After the passing of John, his wife Agnes and her children took over the business with Maurice, which led to the company name A O’Reilly. A O’Reilly is now run by the family’s third generation, managed by Donagh who took over in 2003. Donagh is keeping this family tradition alive as his own children work part-time at the stall. Tripe and drisheen are the main products that are sold at A O’Reilly’s stall, they have also started producing sausages and black and white puddings. O Reilly’s serves a niche market in Cork and they pride themselves on being the only producers of tripe and drisheen in Ireland.


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Name of Owner: Donagh O’Reilly


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Contact number: 021 427 0925