European Maritime Day

Cork City Hosting European Maritime Day May 2025

European Maritime Day (EMD) conference will take place in Cork City in May 2025. 

Presented by the Government of Ireland, Cork City Council and the European Commission, EMD 2025 will be a meeting point for Europe’s maritime community to network, discuss and forge joint action on maritime affairs and sustainable blue economy.

Established in 2008, European Maritime Day (EMD) is an opportunity to touch base with strategic partners, to make new contacts and network, get visibility for their projects, ideas, activities and achievements, gain new insights into evolving EU policy and funding and provide input into European Maritime Policy formulation. 

The conference takes place in a different EU country each year. Cork City was due to host in 2020 but the event was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.  A new bid was submitted in 2022 and Ireland / Cork City was successful and appointed as host in 2025. The event will be hosted in Cork City Hall and adjacent spaces and is anticipated to attract up to 1000 delegates from around Europe. 

The Conference comprises of:

  • Plenary Sessions – with high level EU officials on policy and initiatives
  • Workshops – include a wide range of topics from security, energy, innovation, technology and investment
  • Expo - an array of exhibitors showcasing the blue economy’s innovation and investment potential from across Europe
  • Pitch Sessions – 45 mins each, shorter engaging presentations
Cities Network and Roundtables

The Cities Network was established in 2022 and the EMD Cities Network Roundtable has been part of the official EMD Conference programme since 2023.  The network consists of Brest, Cork, Den Helder, Ravenna and Svendborg who hosted in 2024 and allows for the opportunity to share solutions and opportunities on the common challenges related to the ocean and the sea.

EMD In My Country

An additional component is EMD In My Country - reaching out to young people and citizens across Europe through local events with a wide range of activities such as beach clean-ups, guided tours, art exhibitions, workshops, and conferences. In 2023 494 events were organised in 31 countries in the lead up to the conference in May. In My Country - European Commission

European Maritime Day was formally announced by Minister Ryan on 16 July

When making the announcement he stated “Ahead of Ireland’s presidency of the EU in 2026, it is great news that Ireland will host European Maritime Day, which will take place in the great city of Cork – in partnership with Cork City Council. Ireland is an island nation with a coastline of more than 7,400km. The sea is entwined with our trade, our history and our culture. It is fitting that Europe’s flagship annual maritime event is coming to us. It is also fitting that it will be held in the beautiful city of Cork – a city with a long maritime history and home to the second largest natural harbour in the world.”

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Dan Boyle, commented “Cork's maritime heritage, culture and industry have always been core elements of the City's identity and vibrancy. For centuries, the City's Coat of Arm has celebrated Cork as being a "safe harbour for ships" ( the Coat of Arms incorporating the Latin inscription Statio Bene Fida Carinas) Hosting European Maritime Day in 2025 provides international recognition and acknowledgment of Cork’s place in Europe as a maritime hub and builds on investment and collaboration with local, national, and European partners”

Further information on European Maritime Day is available at: European Maritime Day - European Commission (