Kinship messages on a tree

To the south of Cork City, near the famous Nemo Rangers GAA Club sits Tramore Valley Park, the site of The KinShip Project. The KinShip Project is one of 15 projects taking place all around the country that are being funded by the €2 million Creative Climate Action fund through Creative Ireland. These projects will work with communities to empower people to make real changes about how they interact with the environment.

KinShip & The Laboratory of Land Flags

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The Laboratory of Land Flags is an initiative of The KinShip Project with artist Chelsea Canavan. For more info, follow this link or read below!

Work with Artist Chelsea Canavan to design and create your own small flag to take home while contributing and co-creating with members of your local community a flag and its ritual for The Kinship Project and Tramore Valley Park. 

These workshops will explore and respond to the park space, multi-species inhabitants, and the decolonisation of flags as a metaphor for re-thinking historic land ownership and waste management.

Register here on Eventbrite to let us know you’ll be joining or simply drop in and say hello, All are welcome 

For more details, contact Chelsea at


The KinShip Project is a durational public artwork at Tramore Valley Park by Cork City Council in partnership with artists Lennon Taylor (Marilyn Lennon and Sean Taylor), supported by the Creative Climate Action Fund. Local project partners include Cork Nature Network, Cork Healthy Cities, Cork’s UNESCO Learning City, Green Spaces for Health, MTU Clean Technology Lab and UCC Environmental Research Institute. 


It will provide a programme of artistic residencies, the design and building of a sustainable Eco Lab and series of creative exchanges and knowledge exchanges.


For updates on The KinShip Project, follow us on social media:

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