Toonsbridge Dairy


Toonsbridge Dairy is open for business in the market. They are also offering a free order and collect service. To place an order, call (021) 4806500.

Toonsbridge was established in 2009, when The Real Olive Company recognised a high demand for Mediterranean cheeses, that were imported and being sold to accompany their olive selection. Jenny-Rose Clarke of The Real Olive Co. took this as an opportunity to create a range of locally hand-made Mediterranean style cheeses, which has since become an award-winning stand alone brand of its own.

Toons Bridge Dairy is crafted in an old creamery building in Inchigeelagh, West Cork where a range of cheeses are made using cow, sheep and buffalo milk, both from their own farm and neighbouring farms. The range includes mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, straw smoked scamorza, pecorino, caciocavallo, cardo, halloumi, butter and a few seasonal and limited edition cheeses, all hand made with the highest quality and care.


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Name of Owner: Jenny-Rose Clarke

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Contact number: 0863413601


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