Shandon Orienteering Project

Shandon View

Download Shandon Orienteering Map below

 Shandon Orienteering map in colour.pdf (size 6.4 MB)        Shandon Orienteering map black and white.pdf (size 5.7 MB)

How to take part:

This orienteering route consists of a series of fixed checkpoints. The checkpoints are located close to interesting architectural features. You can use the downloadable map to navigate your way around the streets following the clues provided.

Click the tab above for the downloadable map and clues that will help you to navigate through the streets of Shandon finding the 5 orienteering checkpoints along the way. 

In addition to the drawing and orienteering flag, each checkpoint will have a QR code, which links back to this site, where more information about the stories of the area can be found.


Background - Public Art Competition

This project is focused on encouraging people of all ages to get involved with the heritage of the area. We held a public art competition to find drawings to print on the orienteering checkpoints. We encouraged people to go out and look at the area with fresh eyes, draw what they see and submit drawings of the architectural features in the area. We received 74 high quality entries and the winning drawings were printed as permanent markers at each orienteer checkpoint location.

The project was delivered by Abarta Heritage and artist Sheelagh Broderick, who both have a strong track record in facilitating public engagement projects in a variety of settings with the support of Cork City Council Conservation office. This project is funded through the Cork City Heritage Plan with support from Cork City Council, the Heritage Council and Creative Ireland.

If you would like to pass on any information on the buildings mentioned or other historical building in Cork City, please email:

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