Contractors Permits

Please apply at least 24 hours before works are due to commence

You can apply for this permit online below. Work Permits are issued to commercial users that are carrying out works in a pay parking area and are issued to allow parking of vehicles or skips in pay parking areas.

You may also apply by submitting a postal application.

Postal Application Form: Work & Skip Permit Form

Work permits are available for commercially taxed vehicles in Cork City. Work permits cannot be used in any of the Pedestrianised streets a full list of streets is available here

The permit/receipt must be prominently displayed in the vehicle so that the full permit/receipt is clearly and fully visible through the front windscreen from outside the vehicle

Other Contractors Permits and Licences

Other Contractors permits and licences such as Road Opening and Closure, Cranes, Scaffolding and Roads and Services Certificates can be found here .