Research centres

Drawn by a thriving knowledge technology ecosystem driven by University College Cork and Munster Technological University, Cork City's rapidly growing investor base is making full use of the world-class R&D, top-level educational, business collaboration and sector support for which the city and region are becoming famous. As well as working collaboratively with private sector partners, Cork City's range of research centres are increasingly providing contract research for international hi-tech businesses.

Nimbus Research Centre

The Nimbus Research Centre is Ireland’s largest dedicated Internet of things Centre which focuses on networked embedded electronic systems. Located on the campus of Munster Technological University, the Nimbus Research Centre aims to enhance and support better communities through excellence in research, industry and education

Tyndall National Institute Research Centre

The Tyndall National Institute Research Centre supported by UCC is a European Leader in ICT research and development which specialises in Photonics, Microsystems, Micro/Nanoelectronics and Theory, Modelling and Design. 

Central to Tyndall's mission is delivering economic impact through research excellence. The Tyndall Research Centre works with industry and academia to transform research into products in their core market areas of electronics, communications, energy, health, agri-food and the environment. The Tyndall Research Centre generates over €30m in income each year with approximately 85% coming from competitively won contracts.

With a network of over 200 industry partners and customers worldwide, The Tyndall Research Centre is focused on delivering real impact from their excellent research. Their ambitious five-year strategic plan sets out a clear strategy to create employment and build critical mass within the Irish technology space.

One of the most notable subsidary research centres run by Tyndall is the The International Energy Research Centre. The IERC delivers world-leading collaborative research to meet global societal needs for secure, affordable, and sustainable energy services

Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres

The universities and centres lead Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres and are involved in all the research programmes

  • APC Microbiome Ireland explores the role that microbes (microbiome) play in health and disease. (UCC)
  • VistaMilk: Facilitation of new decision support tools to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire dairy production chain. (Teagasc)
  • IPIC developing new light-enabled technologies (Tyndall)
  • MaREI, Energy, Climate and Marine (UCC)Ø
  • Insight for Data Analytics (UCC)