Maps of the New City

This map depicts, at a high level, the extent of the boundary extension and identifies some of the key population centres which will be transferring from the County to the City on May 31, 2019.  

Cork City Boundary Extension Map 2019

In addition Cork City Council is making  available an interactive online map which allows residents, businesses and communities to confirm whether you will be living and/or working in the soon-to be expanded Cork City.  

Users can click on the map image below and then insert their Eircode or postal address to search for their property.

The interactive map shows you:

  • which ward or local electoral area (LEA) you will be voting in in the upcoming local elections
  • the number of councillors to be elected in each LEA
  • the population of each LEA

Tips for using the interactive map

  • Use the down arrow on the left hand side of the search function to select either an Eircode or address.
  • Please use the correct Eircode format, including a space between the first three and last four characters.
  • More detailed information on how to use the mapping system can be obtained by clicking the information icon   
  • Further layers are included which show the progressive expansion of Cork City since 1840. These are turned off by default but can be activated by using the layers tool on the toolbar at the bottom of the mapping screen. 
  • Further information on using the map can be found at the lower right hand side of the interactive mapping screen Info-Icon

Please click on the image of the map below to obtain access to the online interactive mapping tool.


Please find below an Adobe Acrobat PDF file which provides street level detail on the new city.  Please note that this is a big file of approximately 13mb in size.