Cork Public Museum

Address:Fitzgeralds Park, Mardyke Walk

Open 11am to 4pm

The Cork Public Museum is located in Fitzgerald Park on Mardyke Walk along the City’s western corridor.

The museum was originally a private residence built by Charles Beamish in 1845 on land purchased from the Duke of Devonshire. Following the completion of the house the grounds (now Fitzgerald Park) were laid out with a fantastic variety of shrubs and trees.

In 1886 the house became the home of the Bons Secours Sisters. During the later 19th century it became a private residence for Mr. Barry J. Sheehan (1880) and Mr. Cornelius Desmond (1897) respectively. It was sold in 1901 to the Incorporated Cork International Association. During the Exhibition of 1902/03 the Committee used the house for visiting dignitaries who included King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

Having been handed over to the Corporation for the people of Cork the house became a museum in 1910. Following a Historical Exhibition in 1942 the building was reopened to the public in 1945. It was administered by UCC until 1963 and since then directly by the City Council.