Planning a Group Visit


Planning to visit the museum with a group?

Families as well as groups are welcome at Cork Public Museum. However, pre-booking is necessary if you wish to have a group tour of the museum.


Please email any inquiries to:


Our phone number is: 021-4270679



Mon: 12-4pm

Tue to Fri: 10-4pm

 * Due to Covid-19 restrictions, these times have been amended from the regular opening hours



Wheelchair accessible

'We welcome everyone interested in the history and culture of Cork. We promote understanding of its material and historical heritage by collecting, preserving and displaying our collections and making them accessible in engaging and enjoyable ways for everyone'.

- CPM mission Statement July 2019.




We display this Safety Charter as evidence of our on-going commitment to prevent the spread of COVID-19

This is to certify that Cork Public Museum has undergone relevant COVID-19 hygiene and safety training, has implemented and undertakes to maintain compliance with the Operational Guidelines for Re-opening and all other relevant government public health advice and has agreed to be subject to assessment at any time