Natural Heritage and Biodiversity


 Cork City Council in partnership with Cork Nature Network and Cork Environmental Forum with the support of Dept of Housing, Local Government and Heritage has produced 2 short films to promote this amazing biodiversity in Cork City

Nature in Cork City was produced by Cork Nature Network and explores where in Cork city we can explore, interact, and enjoy the diverse natural heritage of Cork City

How to Invite Biodiversity Into Your Urban Garden introduces us into 6 very different gardens in Cork City and explores how nature is nurtured and encouraged in these spaces.

The Tiny Terrace Garden

The Long Mature Terrace
Large Heritage Rich Garden
Invite Wildlife into Your Garden
Neighbouring Gardens
The Compact Garden
These projects link in with a national campaign by the Heritage Officer’s network to help people connect with nature as part of the Governments “Keep Well” Campaign on dealing with Covid 19   #Nature is good for you.

Bird & Mirror

Cork City is very fortunate to have such great array of natural heritage. Many mammals, birds, invertebrates and wild plants have adapted to life alongside humans in our urban landscape.  Areas such as public open spaces and parks, walkways, graveyards and the gardens of suburban houses all provide urban habitats and sanctuary for wildlife in the city. 

An unintended positive outcome of the Covid 19 crisis is that nature and biodiversity is thriving under this national lockdown.

As travel restriction becomes our new reality and life has slowed down for many people we can take the opportunity to notice nature more whether it is in birds and butterflies in our back garden, wildflowers on road verges, otters in the rivers or duckling at the Lough.

Cork City has prepared a variety of resources that may help you explore the nature in your area, which can be downloaded for free. These include:

Further information and advice on natural heritage can be found on the following websites:

Harbour Seal

The Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021 contains a number of policies for the protection of our natural heritage including trees, landscape and waterways.

The Cork City Heritage Plan identifies key actions for natural heritage and the actions from the Cork City Biodiversity Plan has been incorporated into the Cork City Heritage Plan 2015-2020 Appendix 5.

Ireland’s 3rd National Biodiversity Action Plan for the period 2017-2021 was launched recently.

The Plan sets out actions through which a range of government, civil and private sectors will undertake to achieve Ireland’s ‘Vision for Biodiversity’ and follows on from the work of the first and second National Biodiversity Action Plans. 

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