Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay?

The initial Licence Agreement allows you to stay at the Foyer for up to 6 months (subject to regular reviews) and can be extended up to a maximum of 2 years.  The average length of stay is generally is between 10 – 12 months.

How much does it cost to stay at the Foyer?

The affordable Licence Fee is on a sliding scale, based on your current income levels. Foyer staff will explain what amount of Licence Fee you would be expected to pay at your interview.

Can I apply directly to the Foyer?

You can apply directly to the Foyer. However, all successful applications are subject to approval by the Cork City Council Homeless Adjudicating Panel who confirms an applicant’s eligibility for the Foyer.

Can I apply to the Foyer if I am pregnant?

The Foyer accepts eligible applicants who are pregnant. Special circumstances will apply to expectant mothers i.e. the current level of external agency support and agreed move on arrangements in place. For the welfare of the expectant mother and their baby, the Foyer aims to have them resettled in more appropriate accommodation by their 24th week of pregnancy.

How is a Foyer different from a hostel?

The Foyer should not be confused with a hostel or emergency shelter that accepts direct access for people off the street. All residents have to undergo an interview and assessment prior to being accepted.

The Foyer ethos requires all residents to demonstrate a commitment towards their own personal development. Therefore residents are expected to work towards agreed goals and attend development programmes as part of their licence to remain at the Foyer.

Can I return to the Foyer after I have left?

Foyer staff encourage former residents to return to the Foyer if they require further support, would like to attend activities or training programmes, or simply visit current Foyer residents or staff. However, if a resident has been asked to leave the Foyer, they may not be allowed to return or some special conditions may be put in place.

Can I play music in my room?

Music is allowed to be played in your room provided that you respect that the Foyer is a residential, training and community facility. Other Foyer residents and local neighbours have the right to live peacefully therefore noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times. 

Can I drink alcohol in my room?

Alcohol or alcohol products are strictly forbidden on the premises or in the vicinity of the premises without prior consent of the Foyer Manager. If you are found to have any alcohol in your possession you will be issued a written warning and possibly place your licence in jeopardy. 

Can I have pets?

Guide-dogs for the visually impaired and other emotional support animals are allowed at the discretion of the Foyer Manager.

Is there a time that I must be in for at night?

There are no time restrictions on the movements of residents at the Foyer. However, if residents have a commitment to getting up early to attend training, employment or appointments it is expected that they return to the Foyer at a suitable time at night. The movement of residents is monitored by duty staff should a concern become apparent. 

Can I bring in friends?

After 6 weeks Foyer residents are permitted to have a maximum of two visitors at any one time. There is a strict policy in place for visitors under the age of 18.  This must be adhered to at all times.  Visiting times are:

Sunday – Thursday 9.00 am – Midnight
Friday – Saturday   9.00 am – 1 am

Visitors should sign in before 10pm, visitors signing in after 10pm are at the discretion of the duty member of staff.

Can I smoke in my room?

You are only permitted to smoke in your own room.  There are 3 designated external smoking areas on the grounds.  Ash trays must be used at all times.

Because you are owned by the Council, does that mean I will be guaranteed a Council flat when I leave?

There is no guaranteed Council accommodation for residents leaving the Foyer. However, the Foyer will encourage each resident to place their name on the Social Housing waiting list giving them the best opportunity of securing accommodation as soon as possible. The Foyer team will work in conjunction with each resident in finding suitable accommodation, usually rented from a private Landlord, prior to them leaving the Foyer. The Foyer will also work with Cork City Council's Homeless Action Team to refer suitable residents to approved housing bodies such as Sophia Housing, Focus Ireland etc.