Cork Savings Bank

Address:1 Lapp's Quay

Guided tour at 10.30am

The Cork Savings Bank was established in 1817 following the passing of a law to encourage the establishment of savings banks across England and Ireland. Savings Banks targeted the lower income groups of society with the aim of encouraging thrift amongst these users, offering security for their savings whilst paying a fixed interest on deposits. In November of 1839 the design submitted by the architectural practice of Thomas and Kearns Deane was chosen for the new Cork Savings Bank, to be located on the corner of Lapp’s Quay and Warren’s Place (now Parnell Place) The building was opened for business in 1842 and a plaque above the doorway to the banking hall commemorates the date and those responsible for designing and building the bank. It continued to operate as a bank until 2012, when owners, Trustee Savings Bank, closed a number of branches, including Lapps Quay.

In 2015, UCC made a decision to locate their Centre for Executive Education in a dynamic, city centre location, and entered into an agreement with Cork City Council to re-use the former Savings Bank on Lapp’s Quay for this purpose. To facilitate this refurbishment and reuse of the Savings Bank a new extension was constructed within the enclosed yard to the east. The new extension enables direct circulation across the upper floors of the former secretary’s house on Parnell Place to the southern rooms of the Bank. This extension also facilitates circulation through the building without requiring one to circulate through the main Banking Hall.

Support functions for toilets, and required services have also been efficiently catered for in this new construction, facilitating maintaining the large historic rooms in their original form. The new accommodation is hidden from view from the exterior of the landmark historic building, but is designed to read clearly as a modern addition from within the building.

A guided tour of the Cork Savings Bank with architect Gareth O'Callaghan will take place at 10.30am on Cork Heritage Open Day. Booking essential. Click here to book tickets Cork Heritage Open Day Cork Savings Bank Tour