Keeping Active


It's important to stay healthy in body as well as mind - if you're struggling for ideas on how to stay active, fit and healthy in spite of COVID-19 restrictions, you'll find some fantastic Cork City based resources right here.

Cork Sports Partnership

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Cork Sports Partnership are delighted to announce a number of online offerings available to people this April.  Following a busy few months, they are delighted to be able to offer people more opportunities to be physically active and keep well from home over the coming weeks. The following list of opportunities are all available online:

For information on any of the above programmes please click its name to be linked to the relevant website.

Alternatively you can contact the Cork Sports Partnership Community Sports Development Officer, Cathal Geraghty, at

Playful Paradigm

playful paradigm

 Playful Paradigm Website

Playful Paradigm in response to the COVID19 lockdown

With families spending more time at home the Cork Playful Paradigm team felt there was an opportunity to refocus their work here to develop some novel ways of using play to address the challenges these enforced conditions are disproportionately having on those living in small accommodation, especially in socially disadvantaged communities. Frequently these families rely on help and support from a variety of services which they can no longer access. Their solution was to begin designing a Play at Home resource pack.  In the last four weeks this has begun to take shape.

It features video tutorials to provide entertaining and easy use ideas for families to extend their range of play and involve all generations within the household.  Cork Playful Paradigm are commissioning local creative talent to create these videos - providing some support to arts community which have few income opportunities at present. 

The first four videos are as follows:

  • Chalk artist - for indoor and outdoor games / designs;
  • Puppet maker - simple puppets made from items found in most homes;
  • Circus performer - tutorial on fun clown games than can be “performed” indoors;
  • Creative dance - creating musical games These will be hosted on a Playful Paradigm YouTube channel and available for all cities & their citizens.

 It is proposed use captions which could be translated to local languages for each of our partner cities and beyond. 

To supplement the virtual channel they have created physical resource packs for the more vulnerable families that partners in the community have identified as struggling with the imposed restrictions.  100 families were identified for the first trial rolled out at the end of April. The packs contain games, simple instructions and items required such as chalk, cards etc. These were distributed through existing City Council community channels. A larger, targeted, city wide distribution will be rolled out in May. 

For more information please contact: Denise Cahill, Project Lead, Cork Healthy Cities Coordinator or Martin O’Donoghue, Cork Playful Cities Chair, modonoghue@corkoperahouse

What is Playful Paradigm?

The URBACT Playful Paradigm transfer network is based on the use of “games” for promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyles and energy awareness, place-making and economic prosperity.   URBACT is an EU funding stream which encourages cities across the union to explore innovative and sustainable methods to tackle shared challenges. Under this programme Cork City Council has led on the delivery of a number of actions to establish Cork City as a playful city. 

Cork City Council and FAI Sports Community Development

With Current restrictions it is not possible for the City Council to host face to face activities but please watch this space for online content from our partner organisations - Cork City Council Sports Officer

Health Action Zone


Looking after your wellbeing and health is supported by Community Health Workers with local active groups. Each week these groups meet that cater for a range of health needs - we all have different health needs at different stages through our life! Weekly walking groups, community based yoga, tai chi, bowls, pitch and putt and community gardening are some of the many activities groups engage with. Linking with your local health project and community centre where you can enhance wellbeing by linking with programmes of activities and help empower healthy habits and support healthy choices and lifestyles.                                                                                                                                                                         


Local Walking groups meet weekly in your areas to promote regular physical activity and friendship. Meet and Mingles are planned social walks when the different walking groups gather to connect and chat. Contact your local Community health worker for more information.


Community Health Workers: Our Roles

• To link local people with health activities in their area

• To provide local people with health information in their area

• To support and promote health activities and other health initiatives for local people


Link in with your community local community health worker and groups through  my community health at

Follow them on Facebook here:

Sexual Health Centre


The Sexual Health Centre provides up-to-date information, support and education in the areas of sexual health, wellbeing, sexuality and healthy relationships and continues to do so throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  They can offer prompt, honest and non-biased answers to your questions as well as any needed support or referrals. Ring their Helpline on 021 427 66 76 (Mon - Thurs 9am - 5.30pm / Fridays 9am - 2pm) or contact them at Click through to view the newsletter with updates.

Screen-Age Kicks - Your Sexual Health in the Virtual World

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, young people have been spending more time online, and have had minimal physical contact with other people. This insightful guide was created by The Sexual Health Centre to empower young people of all abilities to deepen their understanding of sexual health and relationships, in the context of online activity.  

Screen-Age Kicks has a webinar series for youth workers, addressing how to respond to young peoples' sexual health concerns. Tickets to attend this webinar series are available through Eventbrite.

Previously held webinars are available on YouTube. Septembers webinar was on Relationships, Consent and Pornography, and Octobers webinar subject was Contraception and STI's.

SafeRSex - Sexual Health and COVID-19

The SafeRsex campaign details the impact of COVID-19 on issues related to sexual relationships such as condom access, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and masturbation. While it is possible to be both safe and sexually active if neither you nor your sexual partner have COVID-19, it is crucial to be aware of the risks and precautionary measures that apply during this outbreak. 

Importantly, everyone should avoid any physical contact, including sex, with anyone outside of their own household. The Sexual Health Centre is operating a free condom postal service, so that you can take every precaution and stay at home. Contact the helpline above for more information or see more on the Sexual Health Centre Website.

Condom Distribution

The Sexual Health Centre is operating a free condom postal service during the current COVID-19 pandemic  so that you can take every precaution and stay at home.

Contact the Centre with your postal address and they will send condoms and lubricant free of charge. Contact their helpline on 021 427 66 76  or email, or by filling out this order formPersonal information will be stored in compliance with GDPR. Click through for more information on this campaign.

Sex and Love Therapy

Customised group therapy programme supporting people with concerns in relation to problematic sexualised behaviour. For more information click here.

Sexual Health Hubs

A new initiative launched a community-based sexual health hub for young people, which creates a safe, familiar, and accessible way for young people to avail of sexual health information. The Sexual Health Centre will also provide ongoing information sessions and workshops throughout the year at Hub locations, to provide continued education on important sexual health topics

Navigating Healthy Relationships during the COVID-19 outbreak

Since the implementation of social distancing measures, many people have had difficulty in dealing with emotional awareness, self-worth, interpersonal skills, isolation, cohabitation and intimacy. The Sexual Health Centre's new guide to navigating healthy relationships during the COVID-19 outbreak addresses all of these issues. This guide was created in collaboration with Mr. Daniel Flynn, Principal Psychology Manager of HSE Cork South Mental Health Services, and provides a toolkit for maintaining healthy relationships in the context of social distancing.  Click through for the Healthy Relationships Guide

safeRsexwork: Sexual Health and COVID-19

The Sexual Health Centre launched its #SafeRsexwork campaign, to highlight the need for escorts and sex workers to avail of the supports available to them during the COVID-19 outbreak. While it is most advisable for sex workers and escorts to take time off work if at all possible, some individuals will not have that option, and those individuals deserve to have the information and support required, to help them to stay safe at this time.  Click through for more information on this guide.

The Sexual Health Centre ha launched a new resource for street based sex workers with GOSHH and SWAI.

HIV Support

Free rapid HIV testing, with results available in one minute. This test involves a simple finger prick. Available by appointment from Tuesday – Thursday. Click through for details of out-of-hours testing.

Available free support services, counselling and information can be found on our website. Call 021 427 66 76 to make an appointment to speak with Phil, our HIV Support Worker or Mary, our HIV counsellor free of charge.  More information can be found by searching the Sexual Health Centre Website.

Cork City Walking and Cycling Maps

With current social distancing restrictions, what better time is there to walk or cycle to work or the shops, for leisure or as a sustainable mode of transport. Bus or train travel may not an option for many people. If cycling is your thing why not dust off the bike or check out getting a new one under the Bike to Work scheme.

Cork City Council and the National Transport Authority have developed a Walking Map and a Cycling Map with approximate travel times to the city centre from the suburbs. These times are quite generous and most people will be well within these times. Cork Cycling and Walking Times Map

Our Sustainable Transport Officer has developed three walking tours of the city centre. They're designed for moderate exercise (they're about 2-2.5km) and you'll discover some of the city's hidden gems on the way. Further information and interactive maps are at Cork City Walks

The Transport and Mobility Forum have developed a cycling map for Cork with information on Greenway routes, shared quiet roads, shared roads, segregated paths and green spaces. Coca-Cola Zero bike stations are also marked on the map.

As the weather improves, leaving the car at home and taking active travel options has never been so appealing.

Walking Tours of Cork City Centre

Our Sustainable Transport Officer has developed three walking tours of the city centre. They're designed for moderate exercise (they're about 2-2.5km) and you'll discover some of the city's hidden gems on the way. Further information and interactive maps are at Cork City Walks