Use of Public Spaces

Cork City Council may permit the use of defined areas if it considers that the activities/ events proposed enhance the social, culture, artistic or general ambience of the City and that they do not adversely effect the physical fabric of the street, the pedestrian/traffic using the street or the companies carrying out their permitted businesses in the vicinity of the proposed activity/ event.

Cork City Council has a licensing system in place for use of Public Spaces and will licence each user under the Roads Act 1993.

Any person wishing to use public spaces for any activity/ event must first get permission from Cork City Council.

Application Procedure

6 weeks notice of the proposed activity/ event must be given.

Fully completed application forms to be returned to City Hall Reception Desk or the Roads Control Office, Room 335, City Hall together with an application fee of €110. (Note: This application fee will only be payable when the activity/ event being held is mainly for profit or gain)

Application will be evaluated to ensure that the activity/ event outlined is a permitted activity/ event. Approval may be sought from the Weekly Traffic Meeting - (held every Tuesday from 2pm). Applicant may be required to attend the Traffic Meeting.

If application is granted, a licence will be issued which will outline the dates, times and any conditions which apply to the said activity.

Cork City Council reserves the right to impose a deposit which will be fully refundable following satisfactory inspection of the public area.

Use of Plaza Areas for Activities/ Events

Any activity/ event on Plaza Areas will only be considered if it is proposed to organise/ carry out the activity/ event on the distinct areas highlighted on the attached map.

The types of activities/ events that might be permitted on Plaza Areas include:

  • Street Entertainment
  • Promotions/ activities organised to enhance festivals
  • Street Festivals
  • Artistic/ Cultural Events
  • Charity/ Community Events

The types of activities/ events that will not be permitted on Plaza Areas include:

  • Casual Trading
  • Use of trucks as information dissemination points/ health screening clinics (these can be accommodated in other locations in the city)
  • Fun Fairs


Contact the Roads Protection and Asset Management Office at (021) 4924072 Or The Reception Desk, City Hall, Cork