Triskel Christchurch

Address:Christchurch, South Main Street

Open 11am to 6pm

Triskel Christchurch is a beautifully restored 1700’s Neo-classical Georgian Church and is part of Triskel Art Centre in Cork city. This former Church of Ireland building was the main church of Cork city in the 17th century and is on the site of church buildings that date back to at least 1050. It was deconsecrated in 1979 and subsequently purchased by Cork City Council. The building was home to the Cork City and County Archives Service until 2005 when they were relocated to Blackpool.

Cork City Council and Triskel Arts Centre went on to develop Christchurch as a state of the art cultural venue for Cork City Centre which opened in 2011. The former church is now merged with Triskel Arts Centre and programmed by Triskel with a busy line up of live music, cultural cinema, visual art and literary events.