Energy Initiatives

Cork City Energy Agency aims to develop, ratify and implement coherent energy policy for Cork City Council.


The City Council has spearheaded many energy initiatives and through these actions has contributed in the promotion of renewable energy and sustainable initiatives.

The National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2009-2020 (NEEAP) set an overall national goal of 20% improvement in energy efficiency by 2020, within which the public sector is committed to a 33% improvement in energy efficiency by 2020 from its baseline year.

Cork City Council has achieved 31.6% energy efficiency reduction to the end of 2018 and aims to reach the target of the 33% reduction by the end of 2020.

Each year, Cork City Energy Agency carries out a number of energy initiatives to help meet the 2020 target.  Recent initiatives carried out are as follows:

Ballyvolane Fire Station Battery Storage

In August 2016, Cork City Council installed 42 solar PV panels on the roof of Ballyvolane Fire Station.

The solar PV panels currently offset approximately 17% (€1,500) of the buildings electricity and eliminated 4,500kg of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. 

In 2017, Cork City Council teamed up with Solo Energy to install a “state of the art” battery storage system at Ballyvolane Fire Station.

The aim of the project is to improve the above figures through increasing solar PV and thus self-consumption within the building, whilst also testing provisions of grid services to ESB Networks.

Deep Energy retrofit in City Library

In the second half of 2017, Cork City Council carried out a deep energy retrofit of the Main City Library under the SEAI Better Energy Community (BEC) scheme.

The retrofit consisted of replacing the old heating system with an air-to-air heat pump, and the installation of roof-mounted Solar PV.

LED Lights were installed internally.

This air-to-air heat pump is a system which transfers heat contained in the outside air to inside the building, giving energy cost savings as well as reducing CO2 emissions.