Explorers Primary "Marine Projects" in Class

For October and November 2020  a visit to your school by the Explorers Education Team is now available as part of the “Marine Projects” in class module.

Whats involved ? 

The marine projects in class module consists of two half-day visits (approx. 2 hours per visit) to the class by an Explorers education officer.  The first visit will involve a fun activity introducing ocean literacy, a presentation about the selected project topic and / or the class completing an interactive experiment. The class will receive "Explorers" education resources and be asked to undertake a project for the follow up workshop. During the second visit the class will be provided the opportunity to present and discuss their project work to the education officer. Both visits will involve fun activities assessing the student’s ocean literacy in which they will be awarded an Explorers Certificate of Participation on completion of the module.

Curriculum Links 

The Explorers marine project in class module provides teachers with an opportunity to introduce their class to the importance of our marine environment and our ocean resource.  Projects may include a range of topics including: marine biodiversity - living things, caring for our marine environment - impacts of marine litter, marine technology - exploring our ocean, and our ocean wealth. Teachers will be provided with class schemes, recommended education resources and lesson plans to carry out cross curricular project work based on the project that has been selected. This module is suitable for children of 5th and 6th classes.


This module is funded by the Marine Institute and is therefore free for schools to participate. Teachers participating in this module may be requested to attend an introduction workshop prior to the education officer visiting the class.

Booking Details 

For more information contact Lifetime Lab by email at lifetimelab@corkcity.ie or call 021 4941500

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