RAPID Farranree/Fairhill/Gurranabraher

What does RAPID mean for Farranree/Fairhill/Gurranabraher?

RAPID is a Government Programme that aims to improve the quality of life for people living in the local area. It involves agencies working together, listening and responding to what the local people who use their services have to say.

“Local Voices Local Choices”

Throughout the RAPID Programme there is a specific focus on addressing issues of Social Exclusion. The plan aims to address the priority issues for local communities through building on work and relationships that have evolved over time.

Following consultation with local people a RAPID Plan for Farranree/Fairhill/Gurranabraher was drawn up. Progress has now been made on many of these projects and much credit is due to the people who work so hard on the ground to ensure that their communities become a better place in which to work and live.

Projects cover many topics including:

  • Youth Childcare
  • Health Environment
  • Sport Education
  • Older People

Various projects under the above themes have been included in the RAPID plan for the area and funded through the RAPID process.

Some of the successful RAPID Projects to date include:

  • Farranree Daycare Centre
  • Farranree Housing Project for the Elderly
  • Gurranabraher Hut
  • Family Support – Springboard Project
  • Carers Support Service
  • Teenage Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Initiative

Specific funding has been allocated to RAPID Areas through various funding streams. Such Projects include:

Sports Capital Programme Funding

  • Parks Development – Changing Facilities in the Fairfield
  • Na Piarsaigh Hurling & Football Club

Dormant Accounts

  • Family Support – Farranree Family Centre
  • FADA – Computer Equipment
  • Farranree Traveller Women’s Group (TVG)
  • “Gurranabraher Hut”

Local Authority Housing Enhancement Scheme

  • Knocking of sheds and building of perimeter wall in Cushing Road
  • Erection of gate at Knockpogue Avenue
  • Improved public lighting in Boyces St/Innishannon Road Area
  • Enhancement of public green areas e.g. Fairfield, Bridevalley Park

RAPID Playground Scheme

  • Playground and multi-use games area in Pophams Field

Health Leverage Fund

  • Additional Support for the redevelopment of “Gurranabraher Hut”

Equality for Women Measure - RAPID Strand

  • 7 projects across the 4 RAPID areas.

RAPID is about people working together. Therefore integration and coordination of services in the area is a priority. In order to ensure this will happen, a number of Multi-agency Integrated Task Groups have been set up to work on specific issues.

These include

  • Childcare
  • Youth
  • Community Care/Neighbour Support
  • Redevelopment of “Gurranabraher Hut”

Principles which underpin the work of Farranree/Fairhill/Guranabraher RAPID AIT

  • Local ownership/supported community participation
  • Building on work already done
  • Mutual respect
  • Empowerment and equality of access
  • Accountability
  • Clarity of purpose

RAPID Area Implementation Team (AIT)

The AIT is the driving force when it comes to making the RAPID Plan a reality. Current Membership of the Farranree/Fairhill/Gurranabraher AIT includes:

  • Health Service Executive
  • Department of Social & Family Affairs
  • Cork City Partnership
  • VEC
  • Cork Local Drugs Task Force
  • Gardaí
  • Cork City Council
  • FÁS
  • School Representatives
  • Elected Representatives
  • Community Representatives

For Further Information on RAPID in the Farranree/Fairhill/Gurranabraher Area Contact: Nuala Stewart, RAPID Local Co-ordinator


City Hall,

Anglesea Street,


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