Housing Maintenance

The Housing Maintenance Section maintains Cork City Council’s housing stock and Traveller halting sites through response and planned maintenance programmes.

How to Report a Repair Request

All Housing Maintenance repair requests should be reported via the Helpline telephone, 021 4924000 or by email to servicecentre@corkcity.ie. This number is attended from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday. However, if calls are queued or if lines are particularly busy, then callers should avail of the automatic messaging service.
Please ensure that you leave the following details when using the messaging service.

  • Tenant's name/address
  • Brief outline of repair requested and
  • a contact telephone number (in case there may be a query regarding the repair request).

Callers leaving voice messages can be assured that all messages so recorded are downloaded each day and the repair requests are logged for attention, provided of course that the repairs requested are Cork City Council's responsibility.
We will prioritise emergency and urgent requests. Other routine requests will be attended to as resources permit.

Tenants are asked to note that there is no counter service for personal callers at any of the Housing Maintenance Depots.  Depot premises are workplaces under current Health and Safety legislation and are not open to the public


Important Information on Tenant Responsibility For Repairs

As a tenant you are responsible for certain repairs on your property. Examples of these are:

  • General: minor internal plaster cracks, cupboards, wardrobe and kitchen unit doors, drawers, handles, locks and catches, sweeping chimneys – (except in flat complexes
  • External Repairs :The tenant is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of gardens and hedges , T.V. aerials, and also repairs and maintenance of sheds, fences, gates and boundary walls, where these have been provided by the tenant themselves.
  • Electrical Repair: The tenant is responsible for bulb replacement, fuses( except main fuse).
  • Repairs to Doors and Locks ,Glass: The tenant is responsible for external and internal door locks and handles, replacement of glass, letter boxes.
  • Plumbing Repairs: The tenant is responsible for cleaning of gully traps, internal waste pipes , toilet bowls and toilet seat replacement, replacement of stopper and chain for baths, sinks and basins, venting air locks in central heating systems.
  • Sewers: The responsibility to maintain the sewer free of blockages and to use in an appropriate manner, where standard domestic waste passes through, up to the connection with the public main is the responsibility of the tenant. If the sewer blocks it is the tenant’s responsibility to unblock. How and who the tenant uses to unblock is a matter for them.  Housing Maintenance has no responsibility at this point and will not attend, or investigate, or compensate. If on clearing the blockage the tenant has evidence of a defect, it should bring this to the attention of the Housing Maintenance Section for further investigation.   

 Please check related files for the full list of repairs which are the responsibility of the tenant.


Out of Hours Emergencies

If an emergency should arise outside normal working hours, tenants can call the City Council’s out of hours number 021–4966512.

Examples of an Emergency:

  • Imminent threat of the house being flooded by water.
  • Total failure of the electricity supply or an electrical fault
  • A risk of significant damage to the property

If Cork City Council personnel are called out where there is not an emergency, the tenant will be charged the full cost of the call–out. If the problem does not fall into the above categories, report the problem as soon as possible on the next working day.


If you have a GAS LEAK or SMELL GAS, phone the Gas Networks Ireland 24 hour Emergency Service IMMEDIATELY on Tel: 1800 20 50 50


Central Heating Boiler & Heat Exchange Unit Service Scheme

Cork City Council carries out Boiler Servicing, or Heat Exchange Unit servicing, in all its houses to ensure that the heating systems located in individual properties are operating safely and efficiently.  The cost of servicing is added to your rent.  This will not apply to houses which are part of a community heating / district heating system.

Please related files. 


Application for Alterations to a Council Rented Dwelling for Persons with a Disability

As a Cork City Council tenant you can apply to have appropriate works carried out to your property. You will have to make an application to the Loans & Grants Section.

Please see related files for further information and application form.

This guidance note is to update applicants on the above scheme who have been formally advised that their application has been forwarded to the Housing Maintenance Section of Cork City Council.

Minor Housing Adaptation works refers to the provision of access ramps, downstairs toilet facilities, stair lifts, accessible showers, adaptations to facilitate wheelchair access, and any other works that are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability. It does not include House Extensions.

All queries relating to House Extensions should be referred to the City Architects Department, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork 021 492 4335, city_architect@corkcity.ie

All queries relating to new and/or unprocessed applications should be sent to the Housing, Loans and Grants Section, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork 021-4924169.

Once an application has been approved by Loans and Grants and forwarded to the Housing Maintenance Section, it will take approximately 6-12 months for the work to be completed. When the property has been assigned to a batch, then the council will make contact with each tenant.

All queries about grants which have been approved can be logged with the Housing Maintenance helpline: 021 4924000.


SIRO Broadband Rollout

Cork City Council has given permission for SIRO and its agents to use the facade of its social houses to roll out high speed fibre optic broadband network across the city.

SIRO is a joint venture between the ESB and Vodafone. The main contractor is Huawei. SIRO will utilise the existing ESB infrastructure to carry its broadband network.

On older houses this will necessitate running the fibre along the facades of houses.

The attached letter is being issued to all Councillors, EHO’s and to SIRO. SIRO staff and its agents will present the letter to the tenants of houses where they need to utilise the facade.

Letter to Residents - SIRO Broadband Installation.pdf (size 268.8 KB)