Cork City Centre Revitalisation Action Plan

This Action Plan charts a course for land use and economic development in Cork city centre. It will build on the work and progress achieved in Cork city centre, which had been delivered since the first City Centre Strategy was published in 2014.  Since 2014 there has been a shift in the national and regional policy direction with the NPF and RSES prioritising the compact growth of Ireland’s urban centres, to create attractive cities in which to work.

Cork City responded strongly to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021, with public, private and community sectors coming together to implement a range of measures to support new opportunities for outdoor dining, socialisation and pedestrianisation. The range of measures undertaken in Cork City Council’s ‘Reimaging Cork’ initiative further enhanced the city and firmly established Cork city and the city centre as a destination.

This plan outlines actions, which will maintain the city centre as the vibrant heart of the region and continue to develop a city centre of high quality while ensuring that it aligns with, and supports, existing and emerging policy objectives.

When the plan was being drafted it gave consideration to local, regional, national policy and a number of international comparator cities in order to formulate the actions that are contained in the report.

The key actions and enablers that are contained in the report fall under the following headings:

  • The City Experience
    • Character development and community
    • Age friendly and accessibility
    • Culture and the night-time economy
  • Assets and Amenities
    • Efficient use of building stock
    • Natural and heritage assets
    • Greening and urban resilience
  • Infrastructure and the Economy
    • Hard infrastructure
    • Mobility and connectivity
    • Economic sector growth 

Cork City Centre is the Healthy Heart of Cork. It's well being is essential to the wider region.