Completing your application

Advice and guidance is available from Cork City Council to help you make your planning application.

For example, staff can help you to clarify:

  • site location and development options,
  • whether your proposals are likely to comply with the planning authority‚Äôs development plan and design standards,
  • the documents (and the number of copies) required with the application and the amount of detail needed,
  • what fee should be paid,
  • public notice requirements. 

If you need to, you can contact the planning authority before making your application to ensure that it is complete, that all documents are attached, and that all other requirements have been met. The larger the development, the greater is the need for prior consultation. 

The documents needed with your application will depend on the type of development. They will need to show, clearly and in sufficient detail, your development proposals, what  the development will look like when finished, how it will relate to the site and to adjoining structures and property, etc.