Non Statutory Plans and Development Briefs


Area Action Plans

An Area Action Plan is a non-statutory plan that sets out a detailed framework strategy, where it is envisaged that the Council will have a driving role in implementation.  They typically include details related to land use, transport, and urban design. The following Area Action Plans are adopted:

Development Briefs

Development briefs provide guidance to a landowner/ developer on how a site—usually one of significant size or sensitivity--should be developed.  These briefs are general guidance documents that summarise the key policies in the City Development Plan and provide an idea of the amount and form of development that can likely be accommodated on a site. They can also take the form of detailed planning frameworks, which are sometimes approved by the Elected Members of Cork City Council.  Links to recent development briefs issued by Cork City Council are provided below. (Note that any documents that have been formally adopted by the Elected Members will indicate such in their text.)