A tradition of local & global business success

Cork has a long and proud heritage of hosting global businesses, having imported and exported people, ideas and products for centuries.

Renowned for its welcoming and outward focussed approach Cork is an established base for major global corporates (including Apple, EMC, VMWare, Pfizer, Janssen and GSK). Cork’s strengths in ICT, business services, biopharma, energy and agri-business are supported by our third level institutes (over 35,000 students in University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology) and our R&D centres of excellence (including the Tyndall National Institute).With a population of over 500,000, the Cork Region combines a vibrant, culturally rich yet compact city with dramatic natural landscapes including mountains, bays, beaches and the world’s second largest harbour.

As Ireland’s second urban area, Cork City is the beating heart of the region. A series of major new developments are now underway which will further enhance the City’s high end office and retail offer and encourage further innovative developments and investments.

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Latest News:

  • Project Ireland 2040 Plans Major Investment In Cork City

    The Irish Government’s €116 billion “Project Ireland 2040” is a huge vote of confidence in the potential and future of Ireland’s second city, Cork.

  • Cork Named Europe's Most Business Friendly Small City

    Cork has been named the best small city in Europe for business friendliness by the Financial Times’ fDi magazine.

  • Doing Business:


    In Cork there is an appetite to make things work and to compete on a global stage

    Cork is a great place in which to live and work according to Bob Savage, Vice President and Managing Director, EMC Centres of Excellence EMEA. He tells why here…

"Cork is the No.1 Small City for Business Friendliness"

Financial Times FDI Magazine - 2018/2019 European Cities and Regions of the Future
With a spirit and history of entrepreneurship and trade, Cork has developed into a thriving hub of global growth sectors – ICT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology, food and business services.

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Your business will be in good company

Why not come and keep the company of some of the world & Ireland's leading global companies already operating in the Cork region?

Cork Connects

Cork is accessible and connected. Home to Ireland’s second busiest airport , Cork has direct air links to over 40 locations, including the core UK cities and European hub airports. The Port of Cork is the key seaport in the south of Ireland and is one of only two Irish ports which service the requirements of all six shipping modes.

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Tim Cook, Apple CEOAPPLE CEO Tim Cook speaking on 12 November 2015 following Apple’s announcement that it would be expanding its Cork campus (and European HQ), which currently employs over 5,000 staff to recruit a further 1,000 employees by mid 2017:

"This means that about a quarter of our European population is in Cork.  We’re incredibly happy to be here , very proud of the team here.  They’re a very key contributor to the company and the success of the company and we love it here so we want to be here a long time and we’re going to keep growing.

It’s a huge investment in terms of employees…. The only other location that would be like that would be Cupertino in terms of the percentage of the US population – so it’s really big .  It’s a part of our overall growth of the company and we see growth in Europe over the next several years ,  and the other markets that are served out of Cork like the Middle East and Africa and of course Eastern Europe as well, are really fast growing markets and we support those markets out of Cork. 

We love this place.  Our teams here do a fantastic job …Apple didn’t just show up here last year or the year before, we’ve been here for 35 years


Tim Cook, CEO APPLE (speaking to Pascal Sheehy,12/11/2015 courtesy of RTE News)

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Big on Life

One of Cork’s main differentiators is the quality of life that is enjoyed here. This comes from an easier pace of life, less commuting, lower cost of living, genuine friendliness, an abundance of activities, a proud sense of history, having most of what you need on your doorstep and still managing to achieve career and business success.

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Talented Workforce

With a student population of over 35,000 Cork has a well-educated, skilled and productive population, both from Ireland and overseas. The quality of life combined with the critical mass of career opportunities and the lower cost of living means that Cork, not only attracts international talent but also successfully retains them.

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“The reason that Pfizer has expanded in Ireland so extensively is the country’s ability-from as early as 1960s-to deliver. The people are reliable and can handle complexity.”

Paul Duffy, VP with Pfizer

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World Class Research Capability

Cork is home to world leading research centres. Established with a mission to support industry and academia in driving research to market, Cork’s Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe’s leading research centres in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research and development. The largest facility of its type in Ireland, Tyndall has a network of 200 industry partners and customers worldwide.

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“The pressure to cut costs and become more efficient is a top priority for business leaders and it’s fantastic that Irish operations and employees are helping to drive our success in EMEA.”

Macrizio Carli, SZP & GM of EMEA at VMWare

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New Developments in the Heart of the City

Cork city centre is being transformed at present by a series of development that will boost its employment content and attraction to visitors.

Combined with the increasing trend for global businesses to seek city centre locations, Cork is providing opportunities for global businesses to benefit from its superb quality of life, business friendly environment, talented workforce and modern large plate office space, all within 20 minutes of Cork Airport and an hour from London!

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