Docklands River Use and Management Plan


In response to a recommendation made within the South Docks Local Area Plan 2008, Cork City Council intends to commission Consultants to prepare a River Management and Use Plan for Docklands in anticipation of the relocation of the Port of Cork and the redevelopment of the area. This Plan will also address recreational needs, management of potential usage, conflicts and provision of specific land-based facilities such as public slipways, pontoons and moorings.

A Draft Scoping Report for the Plan was prepared which aimed to:

  • provide an opportunity to all relevant stakeholders to shape the format and content of the Plan at an early state;
  • identify the crucial issues which will need to be addressed by the Plan; and ensure that all relevant issues will be identified and to anticipate and plan for the future.

Public consultation on the Draft Scoping Report took place during September 2008 and it is intended to use the final Scoping Report as a basis for the preparation of a Brief for Consultants who will be engaged to prepare the Plan.

The Draft Scoping Report is available for viewing/downloading in pdf format or in hardcopy format from Docklands Directorate, Cork City Council, City Hall (Tel. 021 4924034).

File icon Docklands River Use and Management Plan Draft Scoping Report (142KB)