Three sites in Docklands were originally designated as 'Seveso' sites under Directive 1996/82/E.C. (Control of Major Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances) which was given effect by Irish Law in 2000 by Regulation S.I. No. 476 of 2000. Under these Regulations, the Health & Safety Authority (H.S.A.) as the Competent Authority, is obliged to notify the relevant Local Authority of the presence of any establishment subject to the Regulations which may be located within its functional area. They are also required to give land use planning advice to Local Authorities related to the risks from these sites.  The three 'Seveso' sites in Docklands are: the former Shell Ireland Depot (now owned by Topaz Energy); the National Oil Reserves Agency (N.O.R.A.) and Goulding Fertilizers - which are all located on Centre Park Road.

However, in 2011, two of the sites, Topaz and NORA have delisted from the 'Seveso' designation and operations have ceased on both sites.  This now leaves Gouldings as the only remaining 'Seveso' site.  The designation of a site as a ‘Seveso’ site generally means that restrictions apply to proposed land uses in the surrounding area. The nature of these restrictions is conveyed to the Planning Authority by the H.S.A. in the form of land use planning guidance which is based on risk assessments undertaken. In general, the closer a proposed development is located to a ‘Seveso’ site, the more restrictive the permissible land use in terms of occupation density.

Seveso Zones 2011

Dockland's Seveso Designated Sites and Notification Zones

Gouldings Fertilizers Ltd

Gouldings was designated under revised Regulations - S.I. 74 of 2006. The H.S.A. have undertaken a revised risk assessment of the site in 2011 (originally 2006).

Due to the impact of these sites on the potential development of Docklands, a number of ways of resolving this issue are being examined at present, mainly through relocation of the site outside Docklands.

The following is a link to the Health and Safety Authority website:

Gouldings Chemicals Planning Advice (833KB) Gouldings Chemicals Land Use Planning Advice