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Art Trail 2008

Art Trail 2008 ran from 26th September to 6th October 2008 focussing this year on Cork Docklands with a series of pen studios and tours, lectures, walks, workshops, public forum, performances, and installations. The Docklands Directorate part sponsored the Solar Art Trail with banners designed by printmaker Marianne Keating located at different points from Merchants Quay to Blackrock Castle Observatory.

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National Sculpture Factory Temporary Art Installations in Docklands, 2008

The National Sculpture Factory launched a series of temporary art installations based in Cork Docklands on Culture Night 2008 part sponsored by the Docklands Diretorate. The Projects include:

  • 'Docks Tours’ by artist Séamus Nolan involving a horse-drawn carriage tour of the Docklands driven by an ex-docker Michael Murphy (advance booking required).  


  • 'Balloon Project' by collaborating artists Sorcha O’Brien and Eli Caamano is best viewed from Michael Collins Bridge and involved the installation of four spherical balloons, four metres in diameter, on top of several buildings in the Docklands.

  • 'Weather Station (After Beckett)' by Inigo Manglano-Ovalle involves a 'sea container' sited on Albert Quay East – neither arriving nor leaving and having an integral weather station provoking thought on climate, globalisation, locality and micro-culture.

The projects were exhibited from 20th September until 10th October 2008.

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