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Cork City Park by Phone

Launch of Cork City Park by Phone

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Cork City Council has launched an improved Cork City Park by Phone service that came into operation on 18th May 2015. The service is now easier to use and more accessible i.e. just ring, pay and park immediately. 

 Key Features and benefits of using the new Cork City Park by Phone Service are:

  • New local number to park  021-4924030
  • New local helpdesk number, 021-4924025
  • Ring and park immediately
  • No tags/ discs - your Vehicle Registration Number will now identify your parking account
  • Automatic top-ups for registered users or top-up from your car
  • Park using the Cork City Park by Phone App
  • Online receipts for registered users
  • Reminder message sent when parking credit is running low
  • New Support e-mail:
  • New Website:


Cork City Council, in conjunction with our partners Park Magic, has built on the existing Pay by Phone Service to ensure we continue to provide a convenient way to pay for parking for shoppers and visitors to our city. Discs will of course continue to be available, but the Cork City Park by Phone service is as fast and easy to use as making a phone call, and offers our customers a choice of how they pay for their parking. Customers can even register to get a text reminder when their parking credit is about to expire.

 Cork City park by phone sign small

Cork City Park by Phone Signs will be displayed on streets and will show the number to contact to pay for your parking. Registered users can use the automated system to complete a parking event using funds from their parking account. If new users to the service contact the phone numbers on the signs provided by Cork City Park by Phone it will be answered by a customer service representative who will be able to process instant payment for a one-off trip for visitors, or set up an account for ongoing use.


Customers who have an account can also add parking credit online or by phone with debit or credit cards at any time. The most convenient option is to use the fully automatic top up system which uses debit or credit cards to top up the account, so the customer always has funds to pay for their parking.


The Cork City Park by Phone system will ensure visitors and shoppers minimize the time spent parking and maximize the time they have to enjoy the city.


To find out more or to sign up for the service go to