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Leagan Ghaeilge

Role of the Directorate

‌The Roads System provides a framework and skeleton for the city and acts as a transport and utility services distribution network. It essentially provides access to homes, businesses, industry and recreational facilities for people, goods and services. It provides a backdrop for the built environment of the City and impacts on the economic, social and cultural life of the City and its environs. It is an organic entity, adapting and expanding to meet changing need and demands placed on it by the Community.

The Road Network is an asset with value and must be managed to gain fullest benefit for the community. It must be managed and maintained effectively and efficiently and must be protected from abuse and premature deterioration.

Cork City Council are the designated Road Authority for Cork City. Its rights and obligations in this regard are primarily set out in the Roads Act 1993. The current network consists of:

  • 34km National Routes
  • 37km Regional Routes
  • 349km Local Roads
  • 121 Traffic Controlled Junctions
  • 74 Pedestrian Signalised Crossings
  • 16 Zebra Crossing
  • Provide 36 School Wardens
  • Operate 13,977 Public Lighting lanterns
  • Cater for 400,000 traffic movements per day
  • Provide 6,000 controlled on-street car parking spaces
  • Provide 1,350 off-street car parking spaces
  • Provide 940 Park & Ride spaces
  • Provide 1 million metres of regulatory road lines
  • Provide 13,000 Traffic, information and regulatory road signs

The Goals

  • To provide, develop and manage the road network such that an equitable level of access is available to all users and to ensure that the road network is sustainable and supports environmental, social and economic development
  • To actively support transportation within the city and environs in a sustainable and safe way

The Objectives

We will provide a modern, efficient traffic management control system by:-

  • Monitoring, improving and evaluating traffic management, including the Urban Traffic Control System to achieve a sustainable urban environment
  • Developing road user information systems/traffic information signage to enable more effective use of the road network
  • Reducing the impact of through traffic on the City Centre and residential areas using the by-pass network

We will develop and manage parking within the city in a sustainable manner by:-

  • Formulating parking policy in relation to supply and enforcement in order to meet the changing need of the City
  • The provision and control of on and off street parking

We will promote safety in all aspects of roads and transportation by:-

  • Developing and maintaining public lighting to provide visibility for pedestrians and other road users
  • Regular Safety audits putting in place a programme of physical works to improve safety e.g. traffic calming, footpath alteration, signage etc.
  • Implementing road safety programmes in partnership with the National Safety Council and Gardai

We will maintain the road network to a high standard by:-

  • Putting in place an annual road resurfacing, renewal and planned maintenance programme which will seek to maximise the use of available resources
  • Implementing a footpath renewal programme to meet the need of the public in terms of safety and accessibility
  • Ensuring provision and maintenance of an adequate road drainage system
  • Operating a regime of roads repair that is efficient and cost effective
  • Operating and maintaining the National Route Network including the Jack Lynch Tunnel on behalf of the NRA

We will control and manage the road space in a balanced way by:-

  • Coordinating, facilitating and controlling works to roads and footpaths by statutory utilities and service companies to minimise damage to pavements and unnecessary obstruction to road users, while enabling provision, renewal and maintenance of utility services
  • Strict monitoring, control and licensing of installations on footpaths and roads to minimise clutter, obstruction and hazard to road users
  • Implementing a programme of improvements to footpaths and roads to eliminate existing hazards and impediments, in particular in relation to mobility impaired users

We will encourage the use of alternative modes of transport by:-

  • Providing appropriate Traffic Management measures in partnership with transport providers, to encourage the use of Public Transport e.g. Bus priority measures, Park and Ride facilities
  • Implementing an agreed strategy of support and physical works to facilitate and encourage walking and cycling as means of transport

Contact Details:
Roads Directorate,
Room 303,
2nd Floor,
City Hall,

Telephone: + 353 21 4924247

Fax: + 353 21 4924515


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