Covid 19 Planning Updates

Members of the public that visit the planning counter will be asked to provide information for the purposes of contact tracing when they check in at the main reception.

Pre-Application Consultations

Applicants may submit pre-planning requests to The dedicated number for pre-planning queries is (021) 4924324.  Every effort will be made to arrange meetings through video conferencing.  Where this is not possible, arrangements can be made to meet through appointment, and this meeting will be subject to national guidance for local authorities for meeting members of the public.

Submitting a new planning application or new Section 5 application

Where possible, planning applications and Section 5 applications should be submitted by post.  No online facility is in place nationally to accept planning applications online. For large or complex applications, the planning authority can be contacted at to consider alternative arrangements e.g. making an appointment to attend the public counter.

Making a submission on a planning application

Submissions may be made on any planning application by post and accompanied by the €20 fee. They may also be made via email to and the submitter will be contacted by a member of Planning staff to take a card payment.

Further Information

Further information responses should be submitted by post where possible.

Site Visits:

In accordance with national guidance issued to local authorities, applicants may be requested to confirm their Covid-19 status prior to a site visit taking place.

Planning Enforcement

Any queries in relation to planning enforcement, including making a planning enforcement complaint, or timeframes for responding to correspondence from Cork City Council, should be directed to


Making an Appointment

If you require an appointment, please email the relevant section:-

Telephone queries should be directed to the Cork City Council Customer Contact Unit on 021-4924000.