Clean Air Night 2024


Cork City Council is inviting city residents to play a part in reducing air pollution on Clean Air Night ( Wednesday January 24)  by reducing solid fuel burning in their stove or fireplace, or by lighting  fires a little later in the evening.

Every winter, air quality issues come to the fore for residents of Cork City. During this time, the annual increase in the burning of fossil fuels in Cork homes, compounded by winter atmospheric conditions combine to disimprove air quality. By making small changes, we all can help work towards improving air quality.

Clean Air Night is a great opportunity for residents to explore other non-polluting means of heating their homes during winter months.  Join in and take a pledge to improve air quality across the city!


Burning solid fuels – coal, peat, briquettes and wood – releases pollutants into the air both inside and outside our homes. Data shows that air pollution can have negative impacts on our health, especially lungs and hearts with air pollution contributing to 1,400 premature deaths in Ireland annually.

Cork City Council published its Cork City Air Quality Strategy in 2021 outlining seven themes in which improvements are being progressed to contribute to overall healthier air in the Cork City area.

Cork City Council is very aware of issues around fuel poverty and that some residents may be  reliant on solid fuel to maintain adequate levels of heat in their homes. Participation in Clean Air Night is completely voluntary and is part of ongoing initiatives to raise awareness around the wider health issues of air pollution.

More information on simple steps for cleaner air is available at