Public Participation Network (PPN)

Cork City Public Participation Network provides a new way for the public to engage with the Cork City Council. It is made up of groups and organisations from the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environment sectors across the City. There are currently almost 100 members in Cork City PPN.

The PPN ensures that Cork City communities have a say in how local government works. By becoming a member of the PPN, your group / organisation can play a part in making decisions that affect your community.  PPN members are also kept up-to-date with information on Cork City Council’s services, activities and funding.

The PPN allows groups operating in the city an opportunity to consider issues of public policy in the city and to facilitate the public's participation on city wide structures such as Joint Policing Committee, Strategic Policy Committees and the Local Community Development Committee.  

Purpose of the PPN:

  • Public involvement on plans, services, policies
  • Development of Policies
  • Public Participation on Council Committees
  • Positive public contribution
  • Sharing of information and ideas

Benefits of Joining the PPN:

  • Get involved in local authority plans, services, policies
  • Have an influence on policy-making committees
  • Networking: share information and ideas
  • Be informed on funding, grants and initiatives
  • Interactive with like-minded groups /organisations

The Cork City PPN site is currently being updated.

Please click here to link you to the PPN Membership Application Forms.

Further information can be found by contacting the PPN at . For general enquiries,