City Architect's Department


City Architect’s Department provides the following architectural services and advice internally within the City Council.

  • Consultation/Brief Preparation
  • Building and Interior Design
  • Planning and Urban Design
  • Housing and Regeneration
  • Libraries and other Civic Buildings
  • Procurement of works and services
  • Project and contract management
  • Building Maintenance and Refurbishment
  • Conservation and Restoration

City Architect’s Department also have a wider role in the promotion and encouragement of design and architectural awareness, particularly with the stakeholders concerned with the development of the city, in recognizing the social and cultural importance of architecture and the built environment in the city; promoting improvement in the quality of the built environment, by fostering conditions conducive to the production of good architecture and the protection of the architectural heritage, and by stimulating improved practice in both the public and private sectors; and promoting the concept of sustainability in design, construction, operation, maintenance and improvement of buildings.