Conservation Grants

Conservation Grants

There are 3 conservation grants available through Cork City Council:

Built Heritage Investment Scheme

This grant scheme is to support the repair and conservation and repair of privately owned properties that are protected under the Planning and Development Act 2000.  

Architectural Conservation Area Grant

This scheme is to assist the owners of historic buildings in the Architectural Conservation Areas across Cork City to undertake conservation and repair works necessary to secure their conservation e.g. repairs of windows, doors, roofs and chimneys, gutters, railings and shop fronts.

Historic Structures Fund

This fund assists with works to safeguard historic structures in urgent need of repair to help prevent the loss or deterioration of Ireland’s architectural heritage.  It also supports owners/occupiers in their long-term commitment to securing the future of the architectural heritage.  Only structures or parts of structures in immediate danger of significant deterioration will qualify for consideration for funding.