Cork City Council Women's Caucus welcomes Citizen's Assembly recommendations


27th April 2021

Cork City Council’s Women’s Caucus has strongly welcomed the recommendations of the Citizen’s Assembly on Gender Equality, following a meeting of the Caucus yesterday, Monday, 26th April 2021.


Cork City Council’s Women’s Caucus Chair, Cllr Mary Rose Desmond said, “We have long advocated for many of these recommendations at an individual level and today we put our collective view forward as a non-partisan Women’s Caucus and call for these recommendations to be implemented without delay”.


“Many of the of the 45 priority recommendations of the Assembly relating to pay equality, childcare, care and most notably on leadership and politics regarding the introduction of maternity leave for all elected representatives and the extension of gender quotas, aligns with the vision and objectives of Cork City Council’s Women’s Caucus”.


“Having specifically established our Caucus as a group across the political divide to increase women’s engagement and representation in local politics, we strive to make appropriate interventions to form collective and targeted actions and progress on these key issues. Later this year, we will hold a “Female Activation Webinar” with a range of keynote speakers which promises to empower and encourage more females to run for local elections in Cork City in the future”, concluded Councillor Desmond.