Cork City Council agrees budget of €226 million for 2021


16th November 2020

Cork City Council agreed an expenditure budget of €226 million for 2021 at the annual budget meeting this evening, an increase of approximately €4 million in spending compared to 2020.

The main contributors to the increase in expenditure are an increase in payroll of €0.8 million, an increase in pensions of €0.5 million, an increase in funding for public lighting of €1.6 million and an extra €0.4 million for traffic signals.


Cork City Council voted in September to increase the Local Adjustment Factor of the Local Property Tax by 7.5% the rate of Local Property Tax, which will represent an additional €1.6 million income to the local authority in 2021.  


Cork City Council Chief Executive, Ann Doherty said: “The proposed budget provides a reasonable balance across the competing objectives of developing the social, cultural, economic, environmental and infrastructural needs of the city in a socially inclusive manner that Council is charged with progressing.”


The Elected Members voted 22 for and 8 against.