New cargo bike boxes installed in Cork City centre


27th February 2023

As part of its commitment to improving cycling infrastructure in Cork City, Cork City Council has recently installed two new cargo bike boxes, located in the South Mall & St. Patrick's Street. 

The boxes will be used to house some of Cork City Council’s Cargo Bike Fleet which they purchased through funding from the Department of Public Expenditure’s Innovation fund. This is part of a project to establish a cargo bike fleet ‘library’. Businesses and community groups will be allowed to borrow a bike for a period of six months on a trial scheme to see if using a cargo bike on a daily basis could be an alternative to other modes of transport before they invest themselves.

Further to consultation with businesses regarding the use of cargo bikes, it was obvious that some businesses would not have the space available to store the cargo bike and an on the street solution was required. This is also an issue for the general public who use cargo bikes.

While there is cargo bike parking available in the city, there is a demand for covered and secure bike parking. Cork City Council engaged Euroforce Engineering Ltd. based in Passage to create and install the bike boxes.

The two boxes installed will be used as part of a pilot scheme to gauge the demand for cargo bike parking in the city. Each Bike Box is capable of holding three cargo bikes.

Cork City Council is also planning on utilising cargo bikes for use within the City Council across various departments.

Since 2019 Cork City Council has been investing heavily in improving the cycling infrastructure within the city. This includes the introduction of new cycling lanes, greenways and improvements in bike parking facilities. This has resulted in an increase of over 200 new bike parking spaces in the city.