Lord Mayor of Cork Launches 'Cork Against Litter' Campaign

10 March 2021

The Lord Mayor of Cork has today launched the “Cork Against Litter” campaign.


Upon election as Lord Mayor, Cllr. Joe Kavanagh, who is a proud member of his local Tidy Towns Committee, announced that tackling litter and anti-litter related activities would be one of his key priorities during his term of office.


The ‘Cork Against Litter’ campaign aims to encourage, educate, and empower the people of Cork City to take action to tackle littering issues within their communities. This new campaign also aims to help create and support a sense of community and togetherness across Cork city.


The Lord Mayor’s ‘Cork Against Litter’ campaign will include:


  • Anti-dog fouling awareness campaign
  • Supporting the National Spring Clean campaign
  • Increased dog walking routes
  • Information campaign on Waste Presentation Bye-Laws
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns around littering
  • Promotional material for participation in ‘Cork Against Litter’