Guidance for tenants served a termination notice

Cork City Council is aware that households in the Cork City area who may have received a Notice of Termination, which is also referred to as a notice to quit, from their landlord may be worried or unsure of what to do.

Cork City Council would like to advise anyone affected of the services or options that are available to them in these circumstances.

As a first step we strongly encourage tenants who have been issued with a Notice of Termination, to contact Threshold, a service funded by Cork City Council to provide a Tenancy Protection Service for renters in the Cork area, including Cork City. Threshold can confirm whether a Notice of Termination is valid or not. Threshold can be contacted directly on Freephone 1800 454 454 or via their website or in person at 22 South Mall, Cork City.

Further to advice from Threshold when tenants contact Cork City Council, staff in the Housing Department will take note of the termination date and advise them of their options. The Council’s first response will be to try to prevent homelessness and to support households to find alternative accommodation. This includes assessing the person’s individual housing need, providing advice on applying for Choice Based Lettings and advising the person on the level of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) they may be eligible to receive. In appropriate cases the Council may acquire the dwelling where the tenants reside if it is available for purchase through the Tenant in Situ scheme.

While the Council will, in the context of current circumstances, adopt flexibility in dealing with potential acquisitions of properties through the Tenant in Situ scheme, any acquisition is subject to appropriate due diligence and checks before any commitment is made to acquire, including, for example, determining that a valid Notice of Termination is in place, the tenant has a social housing need, and the condition and valuation of the property.

Placement in emergency accommodation will be a last resort if no other alternative can be identified. For households in emergency accommodation there will be support to assist them to access more permanent social housing supports.

The Council is aware that the Government is examining options to allow tenants who are not eligible for social housing support to remain in their homes, including schemes to support the purchase of homes on a “first refusal to purchase” basis and through a cost rental tenant in-situ scheme. The Council awaits further details on the proposed schemes from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and will provide further updates when available.

The contact details below, include a dedicated email address  and should be used by tenants who have received a valid Notice of Termination or a landlord who has issued a valid Notice of Termination to their tenants and who may wish to sell their property to the Council.

 The key contact details are:

Cork City Housing Department

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm: Tel. 0214924000