Cork Kerry Interagency Winter Ready Campaign 2022


11th November 2022

The Cork and Kerry Inter-Agency Major Emergency Management Region South is asking everyone to be ‘Winter Ready’ for 2022. 


‘Be Winter Ready’ is a co-ordinated campaign involving statutory services that aims to raise public awareness about the challenges that winter can present.


The Cork and Kerry Inter-Agency Emergency Management Region South includes An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive, Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Kerry County Council. 


Each agency is providing key information such as:


  • - An Garda Síochána highlight road safety advice and provide regular updates on weather conditions when driving this winter.
  • - The HSE Department of Public Health for the region encouraged the public to protect the health service this winter by taking up both the flu and COVID-19 vaccines when they’re offered. Walk-in clinics are still available for anyone who hasn’t received the full course of COVID-19 vaccines, and certain groups are now being offered booster vaccines. The flu vaccine is also available at the moment free of charge to certain groups, including healthcare workers; those aged over 65; and children aged between 2 and 17. Again, we’d encourage you to look into getting the flu vaccination as soon as possible. See for details on how to get your vaccine.
  • - Cork Kerry Community Healthcare highlighted the importance of minding our health and keeping well this winter. This is particularly important for anyone with a long-term health condition. Older people are asked to be alert to the risk of falls both inside and outside the home by getting their vision checked, considering getting a pendant alarm and wearing well fitted shoes with non-slip soles.
  • - The South/South West Hospital Group are asking the public to consider using Injury Units when appropriate (including the Mercy University Hospital Injury Unit at the St Mary’s Health campus; the Mallow Injury Unit and the Bantry Injury Unit) instead of presenting to Emergency Department.
  • - Local Authorities (Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Kerry County Council) are providing information on the salting routes which will be covered in the event of cold weather. Each Local Authority also communicates extensive updates on flooding and severe weather through their relevant digital channels.
  • - The firefighters of Cork City, Cork County, and Kerry County Fire Services ask that householders check their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working, and if they’re not already installed, to get them installed.


Visit for useful tips and information including advice on how to avoid trips and falls, and how to make sure your home and family are prepared for winter.