Cook Street, Marlboro Street, Princes Street, Grafton Street & Rochford's Lane Renewal

Planning/Design Phase

Works Extent

The scheme covers the extents of the following city centre streets:

  • Cook Street
  • Marlboro Street
  • Princes' Street
  • Grafton Street
  • Rochford's Lane


This project seeks to enhance the vitality of Cook Street, Marlboro Street, Princes' Street, Grafton Street and Rochford's Lane with regard to the built heritage, allocation of space (day and night-time), the use of coordinated high-quality materials and street furniture, improved lighting; greening and provision of age friendly passive seating/gathering places to rest and play while accessing or remaining in the street or space.

Cook St Marlboro St Princes St Grafton St Rochfords Lane Renewal


Start: November 2023.

Finish: November 2024.

We have created an online questionnaire to gather data and input to understand how to deliver the most responsive plan for the area and we would greatly appreciate your insights on this if you were willing to submit a response?

Cook Street QR Code

The QR Code or link will bring you to the short questionnaire:  CMPGRRenewalSurvey

For further information please contact Niamh O’Brien,  Senior Executive Engineer at or