Liam O' hÚigín Cork Heritage Open Day Quiz Questions


  1. Where is the shortest street in Cork?
  2. Where is the longest street in Cork
  3. Where is the only street in Cork whose name starts with the letter i?
  4. What is the street with the most letters in its name?
  5. What street has the least number of letters in its name?
  6. Name four streets whose names begin with the letter e?
  7. Name two bridges in Cork named after women
  8. What was the old name for Parnell Place?
  9. What was the old name for Washington Street?
  10. Where was Terence MacSwiney born?
  11. Where was Tomás MacCurtin born?
  12. Name two places where George Boole lived?
  13. Where is George Boole buried
  14. Name three bridges in the city named after saints
  15. Where was Spud town?
  16. Where in Cork City was Duncan Street
  17. What was the old name for Sheare’s Street
  18. Where in the city is the South African Boer War Memorial
  19. Where is the only Toll Booth left in the city?
  20. What is the official name of Cork City Library?


1. Little Anne Street (off Washington Street)
2. Blarney Street
3. Industry Street
4. Lower Oliver Plunkett Street
5. 98 Street
6. Evergreen Street, Eglington Street, East Douglas Street and Exchange Street
7. Mary Elmes Bridge and Nano Nagle Bridge
8. Warrens Place
9. Great Georges Street
10. 23 North Main Street
11. Mourneabbey near Mallow
12. Ballintemple and Grenville Place
13. Church Road Cemetery Blackrock
14. St Patrick, St Vincent and St FinBarr
15. Wycherly Terrace
16. Grattan Street
17. Nile Street
18. Gilabbey Rock
19. St Luke’s Cross
20. Terence MacSwiney Library