Heineken Ireland (Murphy's Brewery)

Address:Leitrim Street

Open 11am to 12pm

Located on the north side of the city, Murphy’s Brewery was founded in Cork in 1856 by one of Cork’s merchant prince families, the Murphys. The Brewery was constructed within the grounds of the 18th century foundling hospital on Leitrim Street. The name Lady’s Well Brewery refers to a well on the hill opposite the brewery, which is supposed to have miraculous properties.

By the end of the eighteenth century Cork had become an important centre of the Irish brewing industry, much of which was for the local market with a small export trade to the West Indies and later in the 19th century to the English market. In the late 1880s, the brewery was expanded and remodelled. This was seen as necessary to accommodate improvements in brewing technology at the time. In 1889 a new malt house was completed. It was stone built and had five floors, two of which were used for storing barley. The cost of the building was £4,640.

Murphy’s, first brewed in May 1889, is a dry stout or porter. Porter, a dark coloured beer was favoured by the market porters in London, hence its name. In the late 19th century, breweries began to produce stout, a stronger beer, which soon achieved an important place in the market. The brewers describe Murphy’s Irish Stout as “smooth and creamy, with a subtle bitterness.”

In 1983 HEINEKEN International acquired all the assets of Murphy Brewery, resulting in a new lease of life for the brewery and protecting its valued traditions for the future. Today, it is the site for the main offices of HEINEKEN Ireland, whose operations include that of Northern Ireland. HEINEKEN Ireland is now one of Ireland’s leading beer and cider companies built on over 160 years of proud brewing heritage and they continue to excite their consumers and customers with innovative new products and premium brand experiences.

Guided tours of the Brewery will take place from 11am to 12pm on Cork Heritage Open Day. No booking required.