Cork Age Friendly City Programme

What is an Age Friendly City?

An Age Friendly city is a place where more and more older people can stay living in their own homes and communities, lead healthy and active lives, get to where they want to go, when they want to go, and are valued contributors to the lives of their communities.

Cork Age Friendly City Programme

Although  this process began through the Cork City Healthy City Steering Group, most see the tipping point as the public consultation event here in City Hall in November 2013 when , after a public invitation was issued to come and discuss what was needed to make Cork age friendly,  over 500 people came and did just that.

In May 2014 Cork City Council announced its intention to apply for Age Friendly City status with an official launch and in the Autumn/Winter of 2014 commenced localised consultation in Cork’s six district electoral divisions (DEDs). In the spring of 2015 interested parties were invited to form the Cork Older Peoples’ Forum.  They selected 4 representatives to articulate the views of older people on the Cork Age Friendly City Alliance.

What is the Cork Older People's Forum?

The Older People’s Forum is a key stakeholder group of the Cork Age Friendly City Programme. The Forum provides a forum for older people in the City to come together, share concerns and experiences, and to inform the decision making process of the Cork Age Friendly City Programme, as well as to contribute to the widernational Age Friendly Programme.

  • Provide older people from Cork City with a recognised Forum to contribute to the decision making processes that affect their lives
  • Provide the opportunity for Older People to influence the formulation and implementation of the Cork ‘Age Friendly City Strategy’, ‘City and Area Development Plans’  and any supporting Initiatives
  • To represent the views of older people, provide advice and information on key Age Friendly City initiatives and structures
  • To elect representatives to represent the views of the Forum at the Cork Age Friendly Alliance
  • To feedback information and progress on the area plans and City-wide strategy to older persons groups in the area

For further information on the Cork Age Friendly City Programme or to have items listed in the Cork Age Friendly City Forum Newsletter please contact:

Cork Age Friendly City Programme,
Community and Enterprise Section,
Corporate and External Affairs,
City Hall,

Tel 021-4924076