Cork City Council Boundary Extension 2019

Cork City Council is about to undertake the most radical reform of urban local government in the history of the State. 

Cork, like most cities worldwide, has a history of boundary extensions. The city was expanded in 1840, 1955 and 1965.  The upcoming expansion will see the City grow to 187km2, almost 5 times larger than it is at present.  

With this expansion the population of the city will grow by 85,000 to 210,000 in June 2019.  However, the city is expected to further grow over the next two decades to circa 350,000.  

The result of this larger City Council administrative area, with responsibility for the city, its immediate suburbs and adjoining settlements, will allow the City Council take a lead role in driving the growth of the city and metropolitan region.

The boundary extension will provide scope for improvements in the capacity of the city to maintain, improve and expand services.  The expanded City Council can better identify and respond to the differing strategic needs and priorities of the urban and wider metropolitan areas, including areas that form part of the natural hinterland of Cork city.

In order to ensure the effective and timely delivery of this transformational project, a Transition Directorate was set up to support the organisation in delivering the this very significant change project.  The role of the Transition Directorate is to guide, manage, monitor and deliver the expansion of Cork City Council’s Administrative Area, as well as support the individual Directorates to deliver specific aspects of the transition project.

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Boundary Extension Map