Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

Cork City has a wealth of natural heritage, which includes flora and fauna, as well as landscape and geology. Many mammals, birds, trees and wild plants have adapted to live alongside humans in our urban landscape and places like parks, golf courses, the river, graveyards and gardens all provide urban habitats and sanctuary for wildlife in the city. A range of sites within the Cork City area are protected under national and EU legislation including the Lough Mahon and Douglas Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA).

The Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021 contains a number of policies for the protection of our natural heritage including trees, landscape and waterways.

The Cork City Heritage Plan identifies key actions for natural heritage and the actions from the Cork City Biodiversity Plan has been incorporated into the Cork City Heritage Plan 2015-2020 Appendix 5.

Ireland’s 3rd National Biodiversity Action Plan for the period 2017-2021 was launched recently.

The Plan sets out actions through which a range of government, civil and private sectors will undertake to achieve Ireland’s ‘Vision for Biodiversity’ and follows on from the work of the first and second National Biodiversity Action Plans. 

A selection of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity projects are outlined in Heritage Plan Projects.