Through 'The Midden Chronicles', the artists Lennon Taylor are deep mapping Tramore Valley Park.


Members of the public are invited to join the artists in creating a deep map of Tramore Valley Park. A deep map is a kind of collage of information; a complex scrapbook of activities that reveal the past, the present, and the future of a place all at once.  Together we'll be making various digital recordings, diagrams, and drawings of everyday practical activities that are initiated in the park such as growing, walking, playing, counting species, foraging, composting, beekeeping, planting, repairing, recycling, sensing or tracing. 

 The first activity in this deep mapping series will be a Creative Soundwalk and Mapping Workshop on World Listening Day. For more information about this event and to book your place, follow this link.

The outcomes of the activities will be presented as 'The Midden Chronicles'; an amalgamation of citizen science, public art making and collective creative actions where the ordinary may become extraordinary.

To learn more about the artistic practices of Marilyn Lennon and Sean Taylor, follow this link.


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